Anamo Compliance


We saw NIST as the Standard years ago, adopted the platform internally in 2007, became validated by the Dept. Of Commerce in 2011 and wrote the first and only NIST specific GRC “Governance, Risk & Compliance” Application. By now, almost every industry has adopted the NIST 800 Cybersecurity framework as their own Standard or in the process of doing so. If you have yet to do so, we strongly recommend having a closer look at NIST to learn why the adoption has become the most dominant compliance framework nationally. The Anamo GRC suite is 100% NIST focused and delivers 100% NIST compliance, integrated features include:

1. Governance of all 110 security controls under NIST 800-171 as well as other sub-sections of the framework

2. Risk management and incident with detailed tracking

3. Compliance management of all Policies, Processes, Procedures with role-based document distribution sign-off

4. Cybersecurity Remediation and Project management

5. System Security Plan development & Plan Autogeneration

6. And frankly…. much more!

As the original development company to develop the GRC App… we offer pre-population, all appendixes are FREE and a complete library of legally reviewed and approved NIST compliant Policies & Procedures.

U.S. Data Compliance Framework Scale


In addition to the scale above, we are able to accommodate HIPAA, DFARS and GDPR compliance.