America’s newest Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation* (CDM) Cybersecurity platform is ANAMO.  Providing Layer 3 through 5 data analytics without a “root-access” requirement to Servers, Anamo is the only commercially available CDM software that collectively addresses deep forensic user data collection, comprehensive insider-threat activity analytics and provides 100% live-monitoring of external and internal software vulnerabilities in Real-Time. Naturally, Anamo is 100% American made, purpose built to accommodate NIST 800 cybersecurity auditing standards and answers “Yes” to each of the following:

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Question 1

In two minutes or less, can you quantify the following data points across your Linux or Windows servers according to the U.S. National Vulnerability Database?

Question 2

If a monitored network port opened, closed or was changed on one of your servers could you quickly:

Question 3

In two minutes or less, can you:

Question 4

In two minutes or less, would you know if:

Question 5

In two minutes or less, would you be alerted if the following happened on any of your servers?

Question 6

Within just a few moments can you:

Question 7

For any of 1-6, can you:

Bonus Question:

Within any of your current Cybersecurity monitoring tools, and in two minutes or less, can you have 100% accurate information of each concurrent application user and collect the following data points on each:

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Thank you for considering these questions and evaluating them against your own current capabilities.  If you would like to learn more, please consider our website and don’t hesitate to request a demonstration of Anamo CDM Cybersecurity with members of our client relations staff.  We look forward to hearing from you and until then, we wish you success in your cybersecurity continuous diagnostics and mitigation efforts.